About Us

Greyhound Trust Cornwall - a branch of the national charity Greyhound Trust is made up of a small group of volunteers who are dedicated to re-homing retired racing greyhounds. Each year Greyhound Trust home around 4,000+ retired greyhounds and help hundreds of others, but there are many more that still need our help.

A Brief History

In 1975, a group of greyhound lovers formed the Greyhound Trust to help secure a better future for Britain’s retired racing greyhounds. In the early days, our Trust found just a few hundred homes through a very limited branch network. We’ve come a long way over the last 40+ years, finding homes for more than 85,000 greyhounds, and over 4,000 dogs a year through our volunteer-led branches.

Homing a Greyhound

We find that greyhounds are incredibly adaptable, and our re-homing policies are very flexible. Whether you work, have children, cats, or are unable to go for long walks, it is always worthwhile contacting us and having a quick conversation.

The Trust Policy

The main policy of the Trust is to ensure that all of our greyhounds are neutered, vaccinated, and wormed, and to do this we do request a donation towards the costs of this veterinary care.

Home Checks

All new homes are subject to a check, and once this is completed and approved, we will work with you to help you choose a greyhound that is perfect for you.

Helping to Find Forever Homes

As we are always looking to find our rescue greyhounds a forever home, if you feel you could offer a home for any of our dogs do not hesitate to get in touch. New greyhounds are always coming to us on a regular basis, so if you haven’t seen any on our website that you feel are suitable, get in touch with us to find out about other furry friends we have.

Providing a Sanctuary

All of Cornwall Greyhound Trust dogs are boarded at Russet Greyhound Sanctuary, where we always have new greyhounds arriving, so there should be a suitable greyhound for you.

Contact us to discuss the rescue dogs we have at Greyhound Trust Cornwall.

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